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About Our Memorial Tribute DVDs

At the Walters Family Funeral Homes, we are always searching for new and unique services to offer our families to help with the grieving process at the time of their loss.  In such difficult times, we try to find ways to bring comfort and consolation to families, while also making sure to honor and celebrate the life of their loved one.  We are now able to bring such a service to our families in the form of a unique and lasting memorial we call a Memorial Tribute DVD.

A Memorial Tribute DVD is a six to ten minute DVD video consisting of personal photographs of a loved one selected by the family set to beautiful music (music selections com from the funeral home's collection).  Written text can also be added to the video to add further personalization (we typically add the loved one's name, dates of birth and death, and service information to the video).  Using our specialized computer software, we arrange the photographs in a slide show format and make the DVD available for use during the visitation for the loved one.  After the services are concluded, the Memorial Tribute DVD will be given to the family as a lasting memorial.

We added this service to the wide range of those offered at our facilities in May of 2005, and since then, the response from the families we have served has been overwhelmingly positive.  The process of gathering photos of loved ones - recalling all the loving memories and special stories about the loved one - and then viewing the video after it is completed has been a positive, healing experience for many of the families who have requested this service.  Video programs like this are oftentimes found only in big cities, and we are glad that we can bring a meaningful and personal service to our small town areas that had been previously unavailable to the community.

When planning a funeral with us, whether pre-need or at the time of a person's death, ask our staff about our Memorial Tribute DVDs, and let us help create a special keepsake for your family to find peace and happiness in.

Click here for a detailed description of what is included in a Memorial Tribute DVD.

Click here for a list of recommendations and guidelines to follow after requesting a Memorial Tribute DVD be made for your loved one.